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Rules And Regulations

To Students

Students are hereby advised to follow the rules and regulations given below for a better academic session and peaceful living in the campus.

• All the students should converse only in English in the School campus to enhance their skill and fluency in the language.
• Students are advised not to bring / wear any Gold ornaments or electronic items like walkman, transistor, camera, mobile phone, computer etc. with them.
• Students are not supposed to bring money. If money is brought, it should be deposited at the school office.
• Students should not bring any costly article. Students are responsible for their belongings. While every effort is taken by the School authorities to reduce the loss of such articles, the ultimate responsibility rests on students themselves.
• Any student found to have taken other students’ belonging will also face suspension or even termination.
• Students must be clean and tidy in their person and dress.
Students suffering from contagious disease will not be permitted to attend the classes.
• If any student wish to take leave he/ she should get permission from the principal previous day itself. Unexpectedly if any student who is absent to the class should submit leave letter to the class teacher when he / she joins the School after the leave.
• Long leave should be taken only after obtaining the prior permission from the Principal.
• Any student who is availing leave for more than 5 days on medical grounds, should submit a medical certificate along with the leave letter.
• If a student is absent for more than a month without intimation his / her name will be struck off from the roll.
• If a student falls short of attendance as prescribed by the State Board, he / she shall not be eligible for promotion to the next higher class.
Students are not permitted to have private tuition with their teachers without the permission of the Principal.
• Students have to get prior permission from the principal to meet the teacher in their residence / quarters rooms apart from the class hours.
Students should keep their own class rooms clean.
• No student is permitted to bring story books, magazines and periodicals to the classrooms.
• No student is permitted to leave the classroom without the permission of the teacher.
• If a student is sick, permission should be given only by the principal to him / her to leave the School. In such circumstances the students should get the hand book signed by the Principal.
• All the Unit Tests and Examinations should be attended by the student.
Frequent absence for the examination will affect the promotion to the next higher class.
• A student caught copying or attempting to copy during the examination will be sent out from the school immediately.
• Every student must take part in the School games unless physically unfit and specially permitted by the Principal.
• Any damage to school property, disfiguring of walls, furniture and electrical appliances, use of unparliamentarily words, filthy language and misbehavior are punishable offences.
• Smoking, use of drugs, intoxicants etc., are strictly prohibited inside and outside the school and hostel campus and will result in immediate dismissal.
• Quarrels among the students are strictly prohibited. No groupism is allowed and the same is punishable with immediate expulsion.
• Students organizing parties and meetings outside the School campus without the Principal’s permission will be punished.
• Any activity of the student outside the campus which bring bad name to the reputation of the School will result in immediate dismissal of the student from the School.
• The cases that justify the removal of a student on the part of the School authorities are
• Offences against honesty and morality.
• Grave and habitual insubordination.
• Any defect in the student either physical or moral, which in their opinion, is prejudicial to the welfare of the School.
Use of drugs or narcotics.
• Pupils are not allowed to give gifts to teachers and other staff.
• Pupils who bring the lunch to school should bring with them a teaspoon and a napkin / hand towel and should use the same to avoid making the classroom dirty.
• Every student should bring the Hand book to the school daily.